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Chanre Williams

South Africa
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When it comes to building your business, people need to know about you. So go tell them! It sounds so simple, so why are you struggling? It’s challenging to get noticed if you only advertise now and then. What if you could structure your marketing with a plan and good content? If you know how to plan your monthly marketing and reach the people you want, then you can get those customers. This is what I can help you with.

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Additional Services

Social Media Marketing Strategy Consultation

120 Minutes, R1,150 Per Session

This consultation session is ideal for small business owners, marketing managers and managers who also handle their company’s social media presence. One-on-One consultation in two sessions You will learn how to: Manage your own social media strategy consistently. How to plan your posts Session 1: Reviewing your current social media accounts Complete and update your profiles Show you how to prepare your social media content strategy calendar Session 2: How to set up your own targeted Facebook Sponsored Ad Campaign Learn about the different objectives Facebook offers you Includes detailed set up of the Facebook Campaign, Ad Set and Ads How to create static and video ads in Ads Manager How to pull through posts into the Facebook Ad Campaign

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Website Optimisation Consultation

120 Minutes, R1,150 Per Session

In this consultation, I will show you how to optimise your website. This is for Wordpress and Joomla websites. Session 1: Checking and analysing your website to see how it can be improved. Describing your business and products/services. Conducting keyword research relevant to your offerings and allocating a keyword per page. An overview of the basic backend terminology as the basis for the next session. Installing a SEO plugin on your wordpress website. Session 2: Assisting you with writing content for the main pages on your website. Adding meta descriptions and keywords Completing the SEO tasks on the SEO plugin Discuss blog page option.

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