Khomo Mokhobo

Founder at MKM Business Consultants
South Africa
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About Khomo Mokhobo

I am an SME-focused consultant who specializes in providing accounting and finance advisory services, with over 30 years working in the private and public sector in South Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa. I held senior accounting, finance and management positions in companies such as Eskom, NEF, General Electric South Africa, and Lonmin Platinum. My vision is “to help entrepreneurs achieve their dreams”


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Overall Ratings

R1,500 / Month

The objective is to help you analyse and solve performance shortfalls to better control and grow your business. The first session is devoted to understanding the entrepreneur, the business history and model, future plans and the problem areas. The subsequent sessions will be primarily driven by the conclusions reached in the first session, and will be structured around the various key areas. Internal: analysing business performance through an analysis of the key components and business drivers of the business, individually and as a whole system. External: analysing the external environment in general but with a particular focus on the direct external factors impacting business performance. Follow up and monitoring: as each solution is crafted and implemented by you the entrepreneur, it is essential to monitor progress on implementation and explore further areas for action or improvement.

  • 2 Sessions
  • 60 minutes per session
  • 2 sessions/month
  • Unlimited text support during working hours
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Additional Services

Business planning

R17,500 Per Service
Expertise: Operations Mentor

Our business plans are tailored to meet the funding requirements for funders like the NEF, IDC, SEFA, Banks, and other Financial Institutions. Our business plans can also be structured in a manner that allows them to be used as a strategic plan to grow your existing business through organic growth, ...View More

Financial forecasting and budgeting

R7,500 Per Service
Expertise: Operations Mentor

We construct financial models that help your business map out its goals more clearly, save money, keep track of progress and ultimately achieve growth and sustainability. We produce detailed budgeting and forecasting scenarios that enables the business to, -Assess the financial implications of a...View More

Fund Raising

R25,000 Per Service
Expertise: Growth Mentor

The service comprises of the following: Fundamental technical analysis of the 5 to 10 year financial projections of the income statement, balance sheet, cash flow and underlying assumptions to determine the type, timing and amount of financing that the business can sustain whilst still generating a...View More

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