Velly Bosega

South Africa
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R1,000/1 Month
Expertise: Strategy and Innovation, Marketing and Sales

About Velly Bosega

Hi - my name's Velly, and I'm the founder of this platform.

I think the best way to grow is to get involved in conversations about how others make decisions about their businesses, lives, and choices. It's about hearing from other people who have made smart growth decisions based on results instead of dreams or desires. This is where I come in.


Product Design, Go To Market Strategy, SEO, Sales, Pricing Strategy, Inbound Marketing, Market Research, Growth Strategy, Lead Generation, Web Design, Content Marketing


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Level of Experience

  • Director
  • Founder


  • Digital Agencies
  • B2B

R1,000 / 1 Month

Serial entrepreneur with experience in b2b businesses and digital media. Helps business founders and organizations develop growth strategies. I help you launch and grow your service or digital media business through strategies I have used to grow my businesses for the past ten years.

  • 2 Sessions
  • 60 mins/ Session
  • Unlimited chat support
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