Velly Bosega

Founder at Startwise
South Africa
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About Velly Bosega

Hi - my name's Velly, and I'm the founder of this platform.

I think the best way to grow is to get involved in conversations about how others make decisions about their businesses, lives, and choices. It's about hearing from other people who have made smart growth decisions based on results instead of dreams or desires. This is where I come in.


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  • B2B
  • Digital Agencies

R2,000 / Month

The mentorship plan is targeted at founders who are launching or scaling new digital products/companies e.g two-sided marketplaces, marketing agencies, or online media companies. Topics we will cover include; Idea Validation, Achieving Product Market Fit, Go To Market Strategy and Growth Marketing

  • 2 Sessions
  • 60 mins/ Session
  • Unlimited chat support
  • 7 days free trial
  • Cancel anytime.
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