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How do i show on the Marketplace?

In order for your profile to show on the platform as an Mentor, you will need to create a Session. This is a feature where you update your information for the Mentees to view and connect with you.

You will need to upload a professional photo, a short description of your sessions and how you can assist, your rate and hours. Please also create your Subscription to offer to customers (such as bundled consultation rates or a starter pack to attract your Mentees and help get them started).

Please note that Startwise assumes no responsibility for the content of Listings or for any Member’s compliance with any applicable laws, rules and regulations. Remember you may not include your direct contact details. Doing so may result in removing your profile from the platform. This is to keep the brand integrity intact.

See our T&C’s for more.

Can i upload my contact details

When creating your listing, please don’t include your personal or business contact details including your address, website, email or cellphone.

The Startwise platform is here to facilitate all transactions and consultations within the web application. A Mentee can interact directly with you through the chat, audio and video features within the Startwise platform and you will receive any and all notifications.

All contact details added will be removed from your profile by our Startwise support team. This is done to ensure the integrity of the Startwise brand and platform.

Please see our T&C’s for more

What do i do if the consult runs over time?

If your client has booked an hour consultation and you are running over time, simply end the consult at an hour and schedule another one for the additional time needed. This ensures your billing runs correctly.

Are the video chats/ calls confidential?

Yes, the Startwise App has been developed to be secure and all exchanges are encrypted. It also ensures your data is
housed in compliance with the POPI Act.

Why should i join Startwise?

You have the ability to earn extra revenue while working in the hours that suit you. Share your expertise with Mentees
and help the South African economy grow. Plus you can continue your path as an industry thought
leader by sharing knowledge across our digital platforms.

Startwise was started by Velly Bosega and is 100% black owned, South African company. Velly believes in the greatness of South Africa and the mutual benefits of match-making Mentors with Mentees.

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