Everything You Need to Know About Startwise as a Mentor and More!

Where can I find on-demand mentorship and business advice in South Africa?, Startwise is the first on-demand virtual mentorship platform in South Africa where small businesses can connect with industry experts for business mentoring and advice.

Can I take my Startwise session offline?

To maintain the integrity of the Startwise brand and platform and ensure the safety of both mentor and mentee, you may not take the sessions outside of the Startwise platform. Doing so may result in removing yourself from the Startwise network of mentors.

Does Startwise monitor content submitted by its members?

Yes, Startwise reserves the right to screen and monitor content submitted by 

Is communication via the platform private and confidential?

Yes, the Startwise Platform has been developed to be secure and all exchanges are encrypted. It also ensures your data is housed in compliance with the POPI Act.

What information does Startwise have access to?

Startwise holds specific non-sensitive personal information in order to provide its services, including user name, email, location, linked social media, profile and  images that was saved by users to their profiles.

How to find a video call session on Startwise?

You can view your session history and join your upcoming sessions by accessing your Sessions tab on the left-hand side of your dashboard.

How to join a call on Startwise?

When joining your call, make sure your browser is allowing access to your camera and microphone. If you have multiple devices for your microphone or camera, you can select which to allow from the drop-down menu.

How to adjust settings during a video call?

You can control your microphone, camera, sharing your screen and other settings by the settings bar at the bottom of your screen.

Do you have a troubleshooting checklist?

Yes, follow the troubleshooting tips below for video calls on Startwise.

1. Allow access to your microphone/camera by accessing the permission settings of your browser.
2. Close down any other program, app and/or browser that might be using your camera or microphone.
3. If your microphone/camera is internal (like on a laptop), please head to your System Preferences and ensure your microphone input/output are properly set. (Mac or PC instructions).
4. If you are using a private work laptop, your company may have restricted your permission settings: it is best to join your video session via a personal laptop.

What happens after a video call session?

After your video call session, you will be prompted to leave a rating and review for either your mentor or your attending mentee. You can also leave further feedback on your platform experience. 

What types of sessions are allowed?

There are two session types:

1. Once-off sessions allow mentors to host a one-on-one session in which they are the host and lead discussion or presentation. Only registered mentees can book these sessions with the mentors.
2. Subscriptions allow mentors to have a series of sessions in one package and mentees can schedule more than one session.

How long are the sessions?

Once-off sessions can be up to 60 minutest starting from 30 minutes.

What is the maximum number of sessions I can book?

Mentees can book one session at a time with the mentor depending on the mentor's schedule. Mentor's calendar availability will determine how many sessions they will be able to take for each specific time.

Mentors will be able to put the allowed minutes on their once-off session, meeting packages.

Will my data be private and safe on Startwise?

Startwise is hosted on Amazon Web Services which protects web applications by filtering traffic based on the guidelines we’ve created and identifies threats regularly, by monitoring the network and account activity within our cloud environment so that clients and users’ information and data is protected at all times.

To learn more, visit AWS.

How does the forum work?

The forum is where mentees can connect with experienced mentors, fellow entrepreneurs, and industry professionals to seek guidance, knowledge, and support for their entrepreneurial journey. Mentors can comment on the question and react by liking or disliking the question. Participation in the forum is optional for both mentors and mentees.
 To learn more about the forum please visit this Guide

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