Cleo Johnson

South Africa
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R1,500/1 Month
Expertise: Business Coaching, Marketing and Sales

About Cleo Johnson

Cleo Johnson is a seasoned marketing consultant and multi-award winning businesswoman with expertise in marketing & business strategy, e-commerce, and hospitality. She has over 9 years of industry experience and has improved the brand reputation, marketing and sales revenue for various clients through strategic innovative solutions and her collaborative mindset.


Web Design, Copywriting, Content Marketing, Go To Market Strategy, SEO, eCommerce, Inbound Marketing, Branding, Public Speaking, Growth Strategy, Lead Generation, Marketing Automation


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  • Founder


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  • B2B
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  • E-Commerce
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R1,500 / 1 Month

Build, structure & grow coaching sessions In these 3 x 1-hour sessions, we will identify the problem you are solving, structure your niche offering, map out your ideal customer and customer journey, hone in on your key differentiators and how to take this all to market using bespoke digital tactics. For the business person who is looking to grow, we assess your personal & business goals and scrutinise the gaps in your business. Together we will formulate key strategies to take your business to the next level.

  • 3 Sessions
  • 60 minutes per session
  • Unlimited chat support during working hours
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Additional Services

Digital audit

R1,150 Per Service
Expertise: Marketing and Sales

We assess how you show up online and identify areas of improvement and gaps where you could leverage your market. We audit your social media, website, distribution channels and 3rd party platforms. I provide a report of recommendations and actionable steps based on my findings so that you can win on...View More

One-page marketing plan

120 Minutes, R1,200 Per Session
Expertise: Marketing and Sales

Online coaching session where I will help you plot out your marketing plan based on your organisation's goals. This is a lean-marketing plan focused on achieving results and will leave you with a clear action plan for the months ahead....View More

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