Chanre Williams

South Africa
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R460/1 Month
Expertise: Strategy and Innovation, Marketing and Sales

About Chanre Williams

When it comes to building your business, people need to know about you. So go tell them! It
sounds so simple, so why are you struggling? It’s challenging to get noticed if you only
advertise now and then. What if you could structure your marketing with a plan and good
content? If you know how to plan your monthly marketing and reach the people you want,
then you can get those customers. This is what I can help you with.


Branding, SEO, Content Marketing, Copywriting, Marketing Automation


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R460 / 1 Month

Marketing and Advertising Mentoring Session 1 one hour Session at R460 per month Firstly, we will start with creating your corporate identity and defining your target market. A strong brand identity helps people remember your company and build trust in your business You will learn how to market your business, both online and offline. Using a combination of advertising media based on your type of business, you can develop a stronger brand awareness and reach more customers. I will show you how to plan your marketing monthly and how to create content for your social media pages. You can rely on chat support for any marketing questions you may have throughout the month. You will also receive a free Business Plan template at your first session.

  • 1 Sessions
  • 60 minutes per session
  • Unlimited chat support during working hours
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Social Media Marketing Strategy Consultation

120 Minutes, R1,150 Per Session
Expertise: Marketing and Sales

This consultation session is ideal for small business owners, marketing managers and managers who also handle their company’s social media presence. One-on-One consultation in two sessions You will learn how to: Manage your own social media strategy consistently. How to plan your posts ...View More

Website Optimisation Consultation

120 Minutes, R1,150 Per Session
Expertise: Marketing and Sales

In this consultation, I will show you how to optimise your website. This is for Wordpress and Joomla websites. Session 1: Checking and analysing your website to see how it can be improved. Describing your business and products/services. Conducting keyword research relevant to your offering...View More

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