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Do you know how to market your start-up effectively? Looking to drive more traffic to your website or announce your offering to South Africa?

Generate sales by having an effective marketing strategy in place. Learn how to drive traffic to your website, set up social media advertising campaigns and more.

Packages/Tags: Social Media, Mobile Marketing, Strategy, Inbound Marketing, SEO, Growth Strategy, PR, Sales & Lead Generation

Marketing & Sales questions asked by side-hustlers, start-ups and expanding SME’s
- Do I need a social media strategy?
- How do I set up social media accounts?
- What kind of budget should I allocate to marketing?
- Do I need to have a target audience?
- Do I need a website or a blog?
- How do I market my company?
- What is a USP (Unique Selling Point)?
- Is my pricing model working?
- Is there sufficient demand for my product to expand?
- How do I get more customers?
- How do I get more sales?
- Where is my sales process going wrong?
- How many sales people do I need?
- How can I shift towards a digital marketing approach?

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