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Are you trying to get funding with no luck? Perhaps you don’t have the right approach or your numbers just aren’t adding up?

No matter if you are an entrepreneur, start-up or established SME, you could always do with a financial expert to help sift through your books and ensure your business if future proof. Connect with one of our top finance professionals.

How can we help? Finance, bookkeeping, accounting, tax, VAT

Finance & Accounting questions our experts have helped start-ups and expanding SME’s with:

- What is an income statement and do I need one?
- Is my business profitable?
- How can I improve my cash flow?
- What expenses can I cut down on?
- Is the business I want to acquire in a good financial position?
- Can you help reconcile my balance sheet?
- Do I have enough capital to start my business?
- Where can I apply for funding?
- How do I apply for funding?
- How do I approach investors?
- Do I charge VAT?
- Do I need to register my business with SARS?

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