When creating your listing, please don’t include your personal or business contact details. The Startwise platform is here to facilitate all transactions and consultations within the app or web application. An SMME business owner can interact directly with you through the chat, audio and video features within the Startwise platform and you will receive any and all notifications.

If your client has booked an hour consultation and you are running over time, simply end the consult at an hour and schedule another one for the additional time needed. This ensures your billing runs correctly.

Simply log into your profile and complete your listing. Click here for a step-by-step guide.

After signing up to the Startwise platform and you have been approved. Go back to your profile and create your listing. This is where you can upload your professional picture, description of business services and set your rate. Click here to see how to create your listing.

If you require assistance, contact support@startwise.co.za

Yes, the Startwise App has been developed to be secure and all exchanges are encrypted. It also ensures your data is
housed in compliance with the POPI Act.

You set your own hourly rate through the Startwise Platform.
Startwise charges you a fee (the “Service Fee”) based on a percentage of Appointment Fees collected on your behalf. The current applicable percentage on the Startwise Basic plan is twenty percent (20%) and ten percent (10%) on the Startwise Growth plan. The Service Fee is deducted from the Appointment Fee payable to you in respect of an Appointment.

T&C’s apply

If at any stage you are unhappy with the service or platform, please email support@startwise.co.za

There are two ways you can opt to receive payment.

Option 1 – Via EFT

The payment gateway is 3rd Party Payment Platform which accepts Mastercard/Visa, debit and credit card payments as well as EFT’s from the main South African banks. You will need to supply your banking details to receive an EFT. Once you reach the minimum threshold of earning R1 000, payments will be made on a weekly basis.

Option 2 – Via PayFast [Split payment]

If you have a PayFast account, simply insert your Merchant ID. You will receive your payments instantly using this option.

T&C’s apply

Yes. After each consultation a survey will be sent to both you, the expert, and your client where you can review the session and rate the Platform.

Yes, you can change your consultations directly through the Startwise Platform.

The SMME may cancel 24 hours prior to the appointment without penalty; Thereafter, a percentage penalty will be applicable. You (as an Expert) may cancel a scheduled Appointment without penalty at any time.

T&C’s Apply

You can easily connect to clients through the Startwise Platform chat functionality.

If you (as an Expert) have received an Appointment request from an SMME, you must either confirm or reject the request within 24 hours from when the request is made or the request will be automatically cancelled.

When an Appointment is requested with you via the Site, Application and Services, we will share: the first and last name of the SMME who has requested the Appointment, and a link to their Startwise Account profile page, so that you can view this information before confirming or rejecting the Appointment.

When you confirm an Appointment request, Startwise will send you an email, text message or message via the Application confirming such booking, depending on the selections you make via the Site, Application and Services.

After registering on Startwise, you will be requested to submit information such as your LinkedIn Profile, accreditations, work experience etc. This data will not be made public as it’s purely for the vetting process.

Once you have submitted all the required documentation for the panel to verify, it takes less than a week to review your application and for you to complete your listing on the Startwise Platform.

Yes, to be listed as a Startwise expert you must have a minimum of 10 years’ experience in the specific area or field. Upon registering on Startwise, you need to submit certain documents to prove your qualification including items such as your LinkedIn Profile, accreditations, work experience and the like. Note that these aren’t made public.

Download the Startwise platform and register as an expert. Part of the registration is to complete your profile and qualifying criteria. This includes points such as providing a Link to your LinkedIn profile, Experience and Field of expertise etc. Note: Your personal information such as CV etc will not be made public. Your profile will automatically be submitted for review.

Our panel assess and verifies that your career history is in-line with the category in which your expertise will be listed. Once all your credentials have been checked, your profile will be made live on the Startwise Platform. Remember to create your listing before commencing with your consulting.

Simply download the Startwise PRO App from the Google Playstore or iStore, or sign up directly to the Platform. Set up your profile and submit it for vetting. Remember to create your listing. From there all consultations are booked and held within the App.

The Startwise Pro team will take you through a short onboarding process to ensure you are familiar with all the Startwise functionality and features.

You have the ability to earn extra revenue while working in the hours that suit you. Share your expertise with SMME
business owners and help the South African economy grow. Plus you can continue your path as an industry thought
leader by sharing knowledge across our digital platforms.

Startwise was started by Velly Bosega and is 100% black owned, South African company. Velly believes in the greatness of South Africa and the mutual benefits of match-making experts with SMME’s.

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