It doesn’t matter if you are just starting your own company or if it has already been running for a few years, a successful entrepreneur seeks and listens to advice. From family, colleagues and experts. It’s the stepping stone to taking a business to the next level or ensuring your processes run a bit smoother.

Here are a few instances where it may be worthwhile to reach out to an expert for some guidance:

A lawyer: Can provide the correct and legal documents you need in place to start your company. They can draw up your supplier contracts, NDA’s, and even advise you on corporate and labour laws.

An HR manager: It is important to know when to hire, expand or recruit and how to deal with all your HR matters in-line with labour laws. Their knowledge goes far beyond employment contracts and payroll.

An accountant: They can help you set up your books, ensure your debtors and creditors run smoothly, easing your cash flow and more importantly complying with tax laws.

A business coach: Starting any business is a learning curve. And no matter how many companies you have, you always benefit from networking with like minded people. Gaining advice from an outsider may be the key to unlocking other opportunities.

IT experts: In a tech driven world, it’s common practice for SMME’s to have a website, systems and networks in place. As your business grows, so will your requirement for an expert in this field to advise you on storage options, servers and how to automate your processes. They can also ensure your data is housed correctly and kept safe from cyber-attacks.

Marketing gurus: Time is of the essence when running a company. While you need to keep a finger on the pulse, you also need to get your brand out there in order to drive sales. A succinct marketing strategy and execution thereof can bring in leads and add to the bottom line.

You don’t need a team of experts under your permanent employment to leverage these areas of expertise. We know it adds to your costs.

How to assess if you need an expert

Getting lost in the daily running’s of your business is a common challenge for any SME owner. You may be asking yourself where to start seeking advice or if you even need it. Here are a few questions to assess if you need an expert:

  1. Does it feel like your business keeps changing direction to try and adapt to the ever-changing market needs?
  2. Is your staff retention rate low? Are you having to hire new recruits often?
  3. Do you have a written business plan?
  4. Is your sales process working? Are you generating the leads you need to keep your doors open?
  5. Are you battling to get your brand to market? Do you have a marketing strategy in place?
  6. Are you feeling overwhelmed with daily tasks?

How to find an expert

Join the Startwise platform and you will only pay a consultant in the specific field you need guidance on for an hourly consultation. The rates are affordable and all the experts listed on the platform have been through a vetting process to ensure they have a minimum of 10 years’ experience in their field.

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