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2022-05-10 |    0

As most people know, Velly Bosega has a passion for the digital marketing world. He spent many years studying and learning from the top digital publishers. Identifying the opportunities that digital presents us with. We are in the 4th industrial revolution and the time is now to shift into the digital space and ensure you are using it correctly. reports that in March 2021, over 69 percent of webpage views in Africa were generated via mobile.

Here are a few tips for entrepreneurs to refine their digital marketing strategies, or get the basics in place:

1. Your website needs to generate interest and leads

Once your website is established, ensure you spend the time optimizing it. Remember that just because you have a website, it doesn’t mean it will easily be found. Start with your Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) using your consumer-based search keywords to build your content effectively. This ensures your page will come up in Google searches.

If your websites’ objective is for eCommerce purposes, check that it is set up correctly. There are many ways to ensure your payment gateways and courier services are automated.


2. Your website should be responsive

No matter what device your user is making use of (mobile, laptop, ipad etc.), ensure your website can automatically adjust to fit that size. Your images and content should be placed correctly in the various sizes and views.


3. Consider your online customer user journey

It’s all great driving traffic to your website, but if your user journey isn’t considered, they will drop off. Ie you will experience high bounce rates and low sales conversions on your pages. A few things to consider in the customer journey is whether they can easily navigate across your pages; whether all your links are working correctly, does you page layout and design make sense to the end user and if the page is responsive.


4. Drive traffic to your website

With the right tools on hand, you are able to drive quality leads to your website and that’s where your focus should be when looking at your digital marketing approach. You can do this both organically using SEO as outlined above, or through your paid media campaigns (PPC, Google Adwords, Social media ads and the like). The more traffic you can generate, the greater your opportunity of converting that visitor to a sales or enquiry.

The next step is to utilise your digital channels effectively and make your brand seen.


5. Make sure your brand is seen

There are cost effective ways of promoting your brand across digital channels. A great place to start is your social media accounts. Select the channels according to where your target audience can be found. For example, LinkedIn is a good B2B platform, Facebook has a greater audience, Instagram would be more applicable if your industry is very visual and Twitter for reach.


6. Ensure your content speaks to your customers challenges

Content is king in these days. Your blog can assist in driving your SEO strategy. Ensure any piece of content, advertising or social media posts speak to your customer and addresses their challenges. It needs to be relevant and provide value in order for consumers to engage with you.


I know this sounds like a lot to set up and maintain while you are trying to establish and run your business. Or perhaps you aren’t sure of how to build a digital marketing strategy? Join and book a session with one of our network of digital marketing mentors to get you started on your digital marketing approach. They can answer any quick question you may have, or advise you on any digital marketing solutions you may need. All sessions are held within the platform and all our experts are at affordable rates.