According to there are over 3.3 billion people who have a smartphone. The number of smartphone internet users is projected to reach 41.9 million in South Africa alone by 2025. This means that through technology we are able to stay connected and optimise the way in which we work by utilising Apps.

Here are our top benefits of communicating via an App:

  1. No geographical limitations

Technology has enabled us to do business no matter where we are located. Time is of the essence for any SME owner and if there is a way to avoid traffic delays or travelling long distances to have face-to-face meetings, I’m sure you will opt for virtual.

  1. Staying connected during a pandemic

During COVID-19 our lives have become more digitally enhanced than ever. With social distancing and sanitisation processes in place, the safer forms of business communication is online. It comes with its own set of challenges and pitfalls, but the benefit of being able to still interact with business professionals, have team meetings, staying safe and healthy is tenfold.

  1. Instant responses

One of the pitfalls of having a smartphone is that you are available 24/7. However, no one can argue the convenience it brings to our daily lives. projects there will be approximately 8.8 million people in South Africa who use WhatsApp. Instant chats and being able to message an expert, boss, colleague or friend is the norm. It makes our lives easier and gives us a fast, instant response instead of waiting for email turnaround times. The Startwise App has a built-in chat feature for this very reason, to speed up the way you do business.

  1. Convenience

Business App’s bringing convenience to the busy business world. With Startwise you can easily search and connect with industry leading experts for the guidance and advice you need to grow your SME. With chat, audio and video features your consultations are all held on one platform, including your secure payment.

By communicating via an App for your business needs, you can make your life simpler, easier, save time and more convenient. Especially the way you do business. The Startwise network of experts are here to help navigate the complexities of running an SME in South Africa. They are all 100% vetted and qualified to provide the support you need to grow your business.


Here’s how to sign up to Startwise:

  1. Download the Startwise App

Download our app from iStore or Google Playstore. Get started by creating your profile. Enter your name, email address and cellphone number and you are ready to go.

  1. Find your business expert

Browse through our categories to suit your industry and business needs. And simply select the expert you would like to connect with and gain invaluable business advice.

  1. Request a call

Instantly connect with South Africa’s leading business experts through our Startwise chat or video/audio call in-App functionality

  1. Pay after your session

First connect with your expert and enjoy your business consultation. Then make your payment through our easy-to-use, secure platform.

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