Innovation at the forefront

Startwise was conceptualised by successful and multiple SME business owner, Velly Bosega. A true entrepreneur at heart, Velly identified the need for expert guidance to be provided to SME’s in South Africa to stimulate the economy. He believes in the power of knowledge sharing and business networking, especially through cutting edge technology.

In today’s fast-moving and rapidly-evolving world, the need for expertise in the SME sector is imperative. We are sitting with a plethora of industry experts who have successfully contributed towards and created highly successful businesses. It’s time to connect!

Velly Bosega started his own media buying agency, Adclick Africa, in 2013 which within a few short years evolved to a full-house digital marketing performance agency based in Johannesburg. It was the first agency to introduce a mobile demand-side platform (DSP) in Africa in 2013 to create profitable mobile campaigns.

It’s clear Velly has a passion for SME’s, growth and embracing the diverse entrepreneurial spirit of South Africans. He knows the struggles of starting and growing your SME and the power of leveraging business networks.