Do you have a great business idea? Are you trying to launch it to market? We have covered the 4’ps of marketing, now it’s time to establish your digital presence and ensure your product or service is found…online.


What is digital presence?


Digital presence is how your business appears online. It can help create an awareness of your brand, build your credibility and trust with consumers, engage your target audiences and generate sales.

While your website is the first thought entrepreneurs have when we speak about a digital presence, there are a vast amount of other digital avenues you should be looking at.


Elements of a digital presence


  • Website – This consists of more than just your logo. Consider your landing pages and SEO approach (what keywords do people search to find your product/services)
  • Social Media – Create profiles on the platforms where your audience can be found. Such as Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat and Instagram
  • Content – blogs, whitepapers, videos, eCommerce
  • Paid Media – Google Ads, Social media ads, Wifi advertising,
  • Email Marketing – Newsletters, drip campaigns, lead nurturing, onboarding

Here is how you can use the digital elements available to build your digital presence.


4 Ways to boost your entrepreneurial skills by creating a digital presence


  1. Master your website

Consider your customers journey on your website. Look at the types of content you are publishing. Can your customers derive value from it and is there enough content about how your product or service can overcome their challenge. The next step is to check that you have used keywords relating to your brand and product. SEO helps consumers find you on Google searches and the like.


  1. Create a social media strategy

Start up slowly. Select one or two social media accounts where you audience can be found. Map out your social media content plan to ensure you can post and engage with your consumers consistently. Once you have built your following and executing your strategy in a clear way, then look for more social media platforms to expand out to.


  1. Email Marketing and customer journeys

Consider your consumers journey when they make a purchase from you. What series of emails can you send them to trigger and convince the user to purchase. How do you nurture your leads and loyal customers to promote additional purchases. Take a look at the content you are sending out to your database, is it adding value to the customer?


  1. Amplify your efforts and reach using paid media

By allocating some of your budget towards paid media, you can enhance your digital presence, grow your following on social media, generate more traffic to your new website, be found at the top of Google Search Engine pages and increase your sales pipeline. A faster solution to building an online presence is through online advertising. If your ad shows up in the top search results, you’ll build brand awareness and increase your visibility online.


There are many other ways of increasing or creating your digital presence as an entrepreneur. These are just the starting blocks. For more advice on your Marketing & Sales strategies, contact our Startwise experts.